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Hubs and I went on our first vacation since our honeymoon in 2007, in early September. It was a glorious work-free week in the Outer Banks. I loved every non-gym-workout day of it.

Work Stress

When I came back from said vacation, my work world had erupted. Or at least it feels that way. And it hasn’t stopped!



Busy Social Calendar

Hubs and I are normally pretty much homebodies, but lately…vacation, get-togethers with friends, hubs white-water rafting, hubs birthday, best friend’s wedding, and more! We’ve been on the run for 8 weeks now! This upcoming weekend is our last event until Thanksgiving…thank goodness! 🙂



Junk Food

Yeah. Food? Not so good. More junk, and WAY more sugar than I should. The scale (and my jeans) are showing it. Cake, ice cream, more cake, apple dumplings, truffles…oy vey.

(Okay, maybe not as bad as this…but you get the idea!)



And finally….

Bad Workouts

I am seriously in a workout rut. I find myself not making time for my cardio sessions, and continuing with my weights (but I’m stuck here too), but I’m not stretching like I should, or doing enough yoga, which means my left hip is acting up…even though I’m not running.

Something has to change. I’m not sure what to do. I always feel like there isn’t enough time to do them all, but I worry that skipping one of them will result in problems (like missing the yoga, and now my hamstrings are approximately the length of a paperclip).

My cardio endurance is down, and I feel like crap, mentally and physically. I’ve been in the hamster wheel too long, and need to make more of a conscious effort to up the ante and get back into the game.



Susan and Janetha have both posted about goals/goal setting recently…and I think it’s what I need. Yes, we’re 4ish days into the month, but I’m still going to put some goals out there for October.

Stay tuned!


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Yesterday I was schedule to do some Strength + Hills work for the last week of SSU 2010. Problem is – I hurt my back on Thursday doing burpees. Damn things. Anyway, I was pretty sore, and rocking a nice set of 3 muscle knots over each buttock (weird, I know) which made all bending movement painful. Since the plan for Monday included lower body/hip work, I knew it wasn’t going to work.

So I compromised. I never do that. I always stick to the original training plan. But yesterday I actually listened to my body.

I ended up doing 30 minutes of quick-walking-hills on the treadmill (which felt fine for my back) and then headed home and did a lovely 30-minute yoga for back pain. Worth the $2.99 folks. Seriously.

Finished up my evening with heating pad and then BioFreeze…and I’m feeling pretty good today. 🙂 Woohoo! And proof that I’m not always bull-headed and stubborn. 🙂

Here’s how today went dooooooownnnn….

Citrucel on the way to work 7:45 a.m.

Breakfast 9:00 a.m.

There was chaos the instant I walked in the door this a.m….but luckily I managed to get to my bfast by 9. Just a bowl of red berry with the freshest, ripest, in-season-est peach ever on top. And milk. 🙂


No time for snack today 😦

Lunch 11:50 a.m.

A bit early today for lunch because of a meeting…I went with my delicious chicken taco salad from the Market. Nom.

Sadly, whoever made my salad today was cheap with the chicken. Which meant when my meeting let out at 1:45, I was starved. Lack of protein = bad.

Snack 1:45 p.m.

String cheese and a few straggly pretzels from yesterday’s lunch soothed the beast for the time being.


Snack 3:45 p.m.

½ a chocolate brownie Clif bar and some grapes. The Clif bars have become a bit of a mainstay because they keep me going on strength training days better than anything else. But I only need half. It’s perfect.


Exercise 4:45 p.m.

I did “Day 1” of Gina’s Summer Shape Up 2010 Week 4 today. Im bummed that I wont have a ready-made plan to follow starting next week. LOL

Any reccs for me as to what I should give a try next?

Gina’s plan was good for me because it forced me to do more of what I never make time for (yoga) and what I hate doing (speed work). I’ve considered keeping her ‘schedule’ and incorporating my own exercises, but I’m open to trying something different, too.

Life is just busy enough in the summer that I don’t feel like creating my own training plans!

1h10m@ the gym = 453 calories burned. Woot! (It’s that damn speed work. I hate it, but it’s effective.)

Headed home to walk the pup.

Dinner 7:30 p.m.

I was geekily excited for this dinner. I made chicken meatballs from How Sweet It Is – and we were having meatball subs and salad. And then hubs requested oven fries. Oookay….so carb-o-matic dinner, here we go!


It was deeeeeelicious! The chicken meatballs were amazing. I wasn’t so sure when I was mixing the ingredients, but man….fantastic! And I made them/cooked them off on Sunday, so all they needed was a re-heat tonight. The salad was fresh and locally amazing (there’s nothing like local produce) and featured a few of my own garden bounties – jalapenos and cucumber! And the oven fries were ‘fried’ deliciousness, made in my oven. LOL

Probably more heating pad and biofreeze for me this evening…and a little packing as well. We’re headed to see my family this weekend and attend a family reunion, so I’ve got to start getting things in order. It’s amazing how much stuff needs taken care of when you go away for the weekend!

Cool Links

What the average American consumes in a year

I’m doing a Good Earth giveaway on my food blog – check it out!

What makes you eat more?

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6:30 a.m. – alarm goes off. Turn it off and ignore it and wonder why anyone needs to see the part of the day that comes before 8am

6:45 a.m. – peel eyes open again and crawl out of bed. Grab PJ bottoms and the dog’s collar and head for the door…let the dog out to play with the neighbor dog and do her business. Stand in the yard in my PJs, waiting for these events to take place (our yard isn’t fenced, and I can’t afford the invisible fencing right now…so I stand outside and watch her). So yes, Im THAT neighborstanding outside with bed head in her pajamas. Nicetomeetcha. 🙂

6:55 a.m. – head back inside, throw the breakfast/lunch/snacks I’ve packed the night before into my lunch bag; toss my bottle of water in my work bag, feed the dog

7:00 a.m. – shower, brush teeth; get half dressed (everything but a top – if I put it on before I blow dry my hair I’ll be covered in hair!)

7:15 a.m. – check email, facebook, and weather quickly

7:20 a.m. – blow dry hair, finish getting dressed (top, jewelry, shoes, work badge and keys)

7:30 a.m. – mix up my daily Citrucel and water in a travel mug, grab my gym bag, my work bag, my lunch bag, my purse, my travel mug, and my keys. Let the dog out for last call, and take all said bags to the car and load them up

7:35 a.m. – put dog back in house, kiss still-sleeping husband, and leave for work

8:00 a.m. – work

12:00 p.m.  – ½ hour lunch – generally eaten at work with my co-workers. I work in a 95% female office, and it ends up being a social situation.

4:30 p.m. – work ends, drive 3 blocks to the gym, head to the locker room and change for workout

4:45 p.m. – work out. generally for between an hour and an hour and 15 minutes. At least 2 days of lifting weights (preferably 3), and cardio every day as well (amount of time/intensity varies). Abs twice a week.

6:00 p.m. (ish. Bounce everything from here on back 15 minutes if I’m doing a long workout) – leave the gym and drive home (~15 minute drive)

6:20 p.m. – drag all my bags back into the house; toss lunch containers in the sink to soak; grab the pup and head out for a 30 minute walk

7:00 p.m. – head back with the pup, cook dinner (if Dave isn’t); pack breakfast/lunch/snacks for following day while cooking

7:30 p.m. – sit down to eat

8:00 p.m. – do dishes, finish packing lunch and packing up leftovers from dinner, shower (to get all the gym nasty off), re-pack gym bag with fresh gym clothes; lay out an outfit for work the next day

9:00 p.m. – check email, facebook, post blog entries, comment on blogs

9:30-9:45 p.m. – collapse onto the couch for a bit of time with Dave and the pup before bed. Dave generally watches a little TV at this time, and I normally read my book, or we talk.

10:30 p.m. – in bed, passed out cold, getting ready to do it all again tomorrow 🙂

Things You Probably Learned About Me:

  • I hate morning with a fiery passion
  • I don’t drink coffee
  • I drink fiber every morning
  • I spend a remarkable amount of my free time on health and wellness items (exercise, walking the dog, packing breakfast/lunch/dinner, cooking healthy meals at home…)
  • I’m addicted to my email/facebook/blogs so much that I check them twice a day at home, and I own a smart phone I can check them from. Seriously? Seriously.
  • I don’t have nearly enough ‘down time’ in that schedule. LOL
  • I carry four bags to work every day. Just call me bag lady!

Whats your day like?? 🙂

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…I just haven’t had much to report 🙂

DH has been out of town turkey hunting, and I’ve been busy doing all the errands/chores we normally split up. In addition, I managed to hurt my left ankle in possibly the stupidest way possible on Thursday (I was taking out the trash, which included screens for our old windows, and somehow managed to nail the bone of my ankle on the outside of my leg with them hard enough to make it swell up, bruise, and hurt like a !@#$%).

So there haven’t been any workouts, and meals have consisted of foraging on leftovers from the fridge. I guess my only saving grace was the fridge was full of lean meats and vegetables. LOL

Couple things on my mind…

1. I’ve been struggling with where to go with my workouts. I really enjoy lifting heavy, but having been off for 2 weeks for The Plague, and then only lifting moderately since then, I feel like I look better when I’m not lifting heavy. I know, that goes against everything.  Don’t worry, I’m not going all “Tracy Anderson Method” on you. I just don’t know what to do. My legs actually look a thousand times better since I haven’t been doing squats religiously — my shorts and pants even fit better because my thighs aren’t straining against them, full of muscle. It’s really only my lower body….hell, it’s really just my thighs. DH even remarked the other day that my butt looked amazing. Seriously!? I have the flattest hiney on EARTH and haven’t even been working it much! It should be flatter than ever! My upper body definitely looks better when I’m lifting heavy…but my legs become monsters 🙂

Any advice? I’ll go insane if I become a “cardio queen” but I’m thinking maybe just less leg work??

2. Bathing suits. Dear god I hate bathing suits. Yes, I’m relatively fit — but I’m still a size 10. There are few things on this planet that kill my self esteem faster than bathing suits. Who the hell designs these things?! My stomach is — by far — my worst weak spot (I have abs of steel, but my whole life…even emaciatingly thin at 14, I had a little ‘pooch’) and everything freaking sticks to your skin – and stomach – like a parasite! Couldn’t they make them with less spandex? Anyone? Anyone?

For all my ranting, though, I did purchase one. I got lucky and found it on sale. It has a very short ‘swim skirt’ which helps me feel less self-conscious about my very-top-part of my thighs, and my flat butt. And the top is a halter, apron-style tankini. That means it ties at the neck (halter) and ties where a bra would wrap around your torso (apron style). And that’s it. So it shows off my strong, sexy back (BONUS!), but doesn’t cling to or show my little ‘pooch’ on my belly….since it doesn’t have a back, it just hangs gently.

That style is awfully hard to find, though. If anyone sees more, let me know where. I’d love to invest in a second one!

3. Workouts. Can anyone offer me specific advice on how to structure a circuit/high intensity but short duration style workout? I know the basics, but I can never seem to make it work for me. How many days a week? Should I be lifting and cardio on the same day, or is that too much ‘intensity’? Should I break them up? I’m considering trying them for the summer…I’m going to be gardening, and wanting to enjoy evenings with my hubby…but my evenings are my workout time! It isn’t so bad being at the gym for an hour, hour and a half, when it’s dark outside…but it’s another thing when it’s sunny and beautiful!

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with new workouts (I have a rockin’ body-weight-only workout I was supposed to do Thursday before the ‘screen incident’ and as soon as my ankle  feels up to it, I’ll do it and post it!) and some new ramblings.

I may quit posting all my food. It helped me for awhile, but now it’s just becoming a bit…tedious. We’ll see. 🙂

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