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True Story.


Setting the scene: I’m at the farmer’s market this morning, picking up our week’s worth of veggies.

Farm stand helper: Okay, so, all together that’s $17.95

Woman standing beside me, while I’m digging in my pocket for my cash: WOW! Almost 18 dollars worth of vegetables! You must have a big family to feed!

Me: Nope…it’s just me and my husband

Woman: Holy cow…are you vegetarian?

Me(slightly annoyed now): No…but we try to eat relatively healthy, and make sure we get lots of variety in our fruits and veggies, so we eat a lot of different ones. I come every week and get what I can, here.


Wait for it…..

Woman: Is it safe to eat that many vegetables every week? I can’t imagine it. We don’t like them in our house much. Do you eat them for every meal? I can’t believe two people can eat this much green!

Me (beyond my polite abilities now): Yes, we do. But we eat other items as well. Nice talking to you…bye!

And with that I’ve paid, the farm stand helper is laughing his ass off, and I am high-tailing it to the other side of market to get milk and eggs.

I should’ve taken a picture of my $18 bounty when I got home, but it slipped my mind, and now it’s all been processed down (chopped, cleaned, bagged, etc) so I’ll just list what I bought. I didn’t think it was extraordinary.

  • 2 sweet onions
  • 1 acorn squash
  • 1 head green leaf lettuce
  • 2 bunches of broccoli
  • 1 large head of cauliflower
  • 1 lb green beans
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 2 red peppers

Now…I know not everyone eats that many veggies. And to each their own. But she kept pestering me about it…it drove me a bit batty. And when she asked if it was safe to eat that many vegetables…that was my limit! In hindsight I probably should’ve tried a bit more education and a bit less temper-losing…but you’ll have that sometimes!


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08.14.10 – Life

Sorry for the lull…I’ve been enjoying life. How, you ask?



My garden is insane. I’m going to have to start making fresh tomato sauce because I’m up to my eyeballs in tomatoes. My cucumbers are STILL producing, along with my green beans (and I have 15 bags of green beans frozen already!). Apparently I’m pretty good at this whole growing-your-own-food-thing.


It took me awhile to get my groove with smoothies-for-breakfast, but once I removed the protein powder and replaced it with greek yogurt, I was well on my way. Smoothie, along with some cereal (Oatmeal Squares are my favorite for this purpose) for crunch and substance make a delicious and easily portable breakfast for me on workdays. Although, admittedly, I skip the spinach on days I have early meetings, etc — the green smoothies draw a little too much attention. 🙂

My two favorite smoothies at the moment:

1. Peach/banana smoothie

– 1 fresh, ripe peach (could use frozen)

– 1/2 – 1 banana, ripe (could use frozen)

– 5 ice cubes

– 1 container peach flavored Chobani yogurt

– splash of milk

– 2 handfuls of baby spinach (optional)

Blend it all up and transfer to a bottle for transport

2. Orange/Pinapple/Banana smoothie

– 1/2 cup-ish frozen pineapple chunks

– 1/2 fresh navel orange, peeled

– 1 container pineapple Chobani yogurt

–  5 ice cubes

– splash of milk

– 2 handfuls baby spinach (optional)

Blend it all up and transfer to a bottle for transport

Working It Out

This is the plan I’m currently following…I’ve done it for 2 weeks already, and will continue for another 2 weeks. Then, a “fun” week — and then —  a week’s rest/vacation. Woohoo!

M: Shoulders, Abs +20 minutes HIIT

T: Chest, Biceps + 15 minutes SS (Steady State)

W: Power Yoga + 35 minutes hills cardio

Th: Legs + 10 minutes easy cardio (I don’t want to tire my legs out on ‘Leg’ day)

F:  Back, Triceps + 20 minutes HIIT

S: Rest

S: Rest, or, gentle yoga flow

3 sets



1. Smith Machine Military Press – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2. One-Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Cable Front Raise – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

4. Reverse Pec-Deck Flye – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps



1. Exercise-Ball Crunch – 15 reps

2. Lying Leg Lift – 15 reps

3. Dumbbell Oblique Crunch – 15 reps



1. Machine Chest Press – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2.  Cable Cross-over – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Exercise-Ball Push-Up – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps


1. Cable Curl – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2. Cable Hammer Curl – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps



1. Leg Press – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2. Split Squat – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Leg Extension – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

4. Leg Curl – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

5. Exercise-Ball Hamstring Curl – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

6. Seated Calf Raise – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps



1. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2. Standing One-Arm Cable Row – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Reverse-Grip Low Cable Row – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps


1. Pushdown – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

2. Cable Kickback – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

3. Seated Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension – 15 reps / 12 reps / 10 reps

Spending Time with the Best Pup Ever

Enter, Holly Doggle. The weather has been fantastic lately (even a preview of fall this week!!! So excited!!!) so I’ve been spending more time outside with her, walking her, playing with her, getting her together with the neighborhood dogs….all the things most people do with their children. LOL

Prepping for Babies

Okay, that might be a bit premature. But I did get the clear from my doctor for hubs and I to try whenever I’m ready, and I did finally, agonizingly, select a prenatal vitamin. I went with this one, which I bought at Target:


It contains no iron, but the iron rips my stomach apart, AND my iron levels are really good right now. If I would get pregnant and need iron, I’d start it then. But there’s no reason now. Additionally,these gummies contain DHA. And, they taste delicious. 🙂

My doctor and I actually discussed that based on my diet, I probably didn’t need an all-encompassing prenatal multi. She told me I’d be fine just taking the folic acid supplement. But, I decided I wanted to take the DHA supplement, too, and the gummies were a better price selection than folic acid and DHA supplements bought individually. We’ll see how they work out.

Also in line with prepping for babies, hubs and I are working on refinancing our home. It’ll cut $50,000 off the life of the loan. That’s huge!!! But it also means paperwork, and appraisers, and all that schtuff that takes time in my evening.

And finally, regarding babies, we’ve been hardcore shopping for a new vehicle. My 2006 Cobalt SS coupe isn’t exactly a family car, so we’re actively seeking a new Rav-4 or Escape…leaning towards the Rav-4, and now we just need to decide if we look for a deal on a 2010, or, go with a brand new 2011. We will see!

What have you been up to lately??

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…But not really.  🙂 That song was just on the radio and it’s a great thought, though!

I need to focus on getting some me-time this weekend. I love nothing more than curling up with a book, and it’s been too long since I’ve done it.

Time to make it a priority!

Also on the weekend list:

  • Chores/Errands/Food Prep for next week
  • Hopefully seeing Inception with hubs
  • Potentially having the IL’s over Sunday for crab legs (they love them. Me? Not so much. I dislike working that hard for my meat! LOL)


Citrucel on the way to work, as usual…


Red Berry + ½ banana + milk = yum



Unpictured string cheese + handful of pretzels


The world’s largest taco salad. Ever.


In the mix:

  • Spinach
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Red + Yellow Peppers (From my garden!)
  • Cucumber (from my garden!)
  • Tomatoes
  • Salsa
  • Carrots
  • Sprinkle of Colby Jack cheese
  • Leftover black beans from last night’s dinner
  • Leftover mexican rice from last night’s dinner
  • Leftover pork barbacoa from last night
  • Guac!

Delicious. Filling. Huge. Definitely qualifies as veggie intake for today! I actually ended up eating ¾ of it at lunch (12:00) and finishing it later (2:00)


2 clementines + kashi granola bar – peanut peanut butter flavor (found in the depths of my purse during a meeting than ran WAY long)


20 minutes on the stationary bike, SSM (steady state/moderate)

Hamstrings, Quads, + Glutes

3 sets; done as ‘giant sets’ or what I normally refer to as ‘circuits’: Complete each exercise 1 time with no rest between, rest briefly, and do it again and again.

Leg Press – 12

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift – 12

Exercise Ball Wall Squat (on last rep, hold 30 seconds) – 15

Exercise Ball Triple Threat – 15

(Per M&F Hers, at least! This is when you do hamstring curls with the ball…except you do 15 with legs straight; lifting your hips off the ground as your feet are on the ball…then bend legs 90 degrees and lift hips while keeping legs on the ball…then stretch legs out straight, lift hips, and slowly curl the ball in to your butt as you bend your knees)

I’m not gonna lie…when I saw this workout in M&F Hers, I thought it looked a little weak.

I was wrong.

Those 3-part hamstring curls on the ball are KILLER.

Did some stretching (especially for my knotted up back) and then went home and walked the pup for 30 minutes. She lives for when I get home and spoil her with outside time. LOL


Easy dinner tonight – Smart Taste spaghetti with meat sauce (lean ground beef). I didn’t even bother making salad…after that huge lunch salad! And we had no bread in the house (because I wasn’t home to make any last weekend) so it was simple tonight 🙂



Hopefully tonight’s agenda involves my book. I miss it so. 🙂

Cool Links

5 Reasons Why Athletes Should Do Yoga

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Sorry for that extended delay!


There was no exercise…just a 4-hour car trip to see the fam


Was supposed to do a bike ride with Dad, but plans were changed. Successfully saw mom, dad (my parents are divorced), grandma, AND my bestie for her birthday. Successful day! My grandma really wanted me to go through some of her collectibles/antiques with her and see what I wanted, so I brought some items home with me.


Family reunion action! Know what’s funny? Attending my family reunion this year let me see how skewed and – dare I say – flawed, approaches to food are in my family. I literally never saw it before, but watching people eat at the reunion, it dawned on me. No wonder I had weight problems as a child.Example? My mom sits down beside me. I notice there’s another full plate of food beside her. I ask, “Who’s plate is that” She looks at me like I’ve gone insane and says “Mine. I couldn’t fit everything on one plate.”


She ate both plates in like 15 minutes, ate two pieces of cake, and proceeded to moan about how full she was.


Left the reunion after dinner was served and drove back home – arriving at 11:30 p.m. We went to bed at 1am, and went into work late Monday.


Flew by – arrived at work late, work was crazy. I had a lot of ‘catch up’ stuff to do after work so I…

  • Went to the gym and did a moderate 35 minutes on the elliptical
  • Stopped at the store for produce (Sorry farmer’s market…your ‘on’ days don’t jive when I’m out of town)
  • Vacuumed all the dog hair (thanks Holly) out of my car and gassed it up
  • Went home and checked on my garden and harvested FIVE more cucumbers! Also had to re-tie the worlds heaviest tomato plant. It keeps falling over!
  • Did “Yoga for Back Pain” again – I’m having trouble with knots all along the top ‘ridge’ of my butt…and they’re painful.
  • Prepped for Tuesday, and spent some time with the hubs


Now that we’re all caught up…here’s some eats!

Citrucel on the way to work 7:45 a.m.

Breakfast 8:30 a.m.

I’ve been experimenting with the smoothies-as-meals situations. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • Using protein powder in them hurts my stomach
  • More than 2-3 handfuls of spinach also hurts my stomach
  • I always make too much
  • Even adding oats, it doesn’t fill me up as a meal. I need something alongside of it.

Today’s smoothie was perfect though….and it all fit in my blender bottle (rather than having extra like I always seem to!)

  • 2 large handfuls baby spinach
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 container vanilla greek yogurt
  • Splash of milk
  • ½ banana
  • ½ c. frozen blueberries

Blend and serve…with the world’s-greatest-textured-cereal: Oatmeal Squares!


This breakfast took me 2 hours to eat, and kept me perfectly full. I’ll be re-visiting this one again soon.

Lunch 12:00 p.m.

Smart Taste penne with a little marinara and leftover chicken meatballs from last week. Sprinkle of mozzarella cheese…and a carrot on the side


…and ½ this bag. ‘Tis that time of the month folks.


I will note that I’ve been doing much better with my recommitment goals. But the Monthly Green Eyed Monster can only be denied for so long. 😉

Snack 3:45 p.m.

½ a clif bar + perfectly ripe nectarine



Exercise 4:45 p.m.

15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical

Back + Abs

3 sets, done as compound sets (i.e., two exercises alternating until all three sets are complete, then move onto the next set of two exercises)

Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down – 12

V-Sit – 15


Back Extension (on exercise ball) – 12

Exercise Ball Plank – 40 seconds


Barbell Bent-Over Row – 15

Exercise Ball Rope Crunch – 12


Hanging Leg Raise (I did these in a Captains Chair…my gym doesn’t have a hanging apparatus) – 15

Bent Over Dumbbell Skier – 15

1h @ the gym = 385 calories burned

Headed home to hydrate and walk the pup.

Dinner 7:30 p.m.

Taco night! Woot!


Pork Barbacoa tacos (with guac, tomato, salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream) with Mexican jasmine rice and black beans


This evening

  • Freeze leftover baked beans from reunion
  • Pack foodies for tomorrow / pack gym clothes / lay out work clothes
  • Heat and biofreeze for my sore back
  • *Hopefully* getting some time to read. I think it’s been over a week!!

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Yesterday I was schedule to do some Strength + Hills work for the last week of SSU 2010. Problem is – I hurt my back on Thursday doing burpees. Damn things. Anyway, I was pretty sore, and rocking a nice set of 3 muscle knots over each buttock (weird, I know) which made all bending movement painful. Since the plan for Monday included lower body/hip work, I knew it wasn’t going to work.

So I compromised. I never do that. I always stick to the original training plan. But yesterday I actually listened to my body.

I ended up doing 30 minutes of quick-walking-hills on the treadmill (which felt fine for my back) and then headed home and did a lovely 30-minute yoga for back pain. Worth the $2.99 folks. Seriously.

Finished up my evening with heating pad and then BioFreeze…and I’m feeling pretty good today. 🙂 Woohoo! And proof that I’m not always bull-headed and stubborn. 🙂

Here’s how today went dooooooownnnn….

Citrucel on the way to work 7:45 a.m.

Breakfast 9:00 a.m.

There was chaos the instant I walked in the door this a.m….but luckily I managed to get to my bfast by 9. Just a bowl of red berry with the freshest, ripest, in-season-est peach ever on top. And milk. 🙂


No time for snack today 😦

Lunch 11:50 a.m.

A bit early today for lunch because of a meeting…I went with my delicious chicken taco salad from the Market. Nom.

Sadly, whoever made my salad today was cheap with the chicken. Which meant when my meeting let out at 1:45, I was starved. Lack of protein = bad.

Snack 1:45 p.m.

String cheese and a few straggly pretzels from yesterday’s lunch soothed the beast for the time being.


Snack 3:45 p.m.

½ a chocolate brownie Clif bar and some grapes. The Clif bars have become a bit of a mainstay because they keep me going on strength training days better than anything else. But I only need half. It’s perfect.


Exercise 4:45 p.m.

I did “Day 1” of Gina’s Summer Shape Up 2010 Week 4 today. Im bummed that I wont have a ready-made plan to follow starting next week. LOL

Any reccs for me as to what I should give a try next?

Gina’s plan was good for me because it forced me to do more of what I never make time for (yoga) and what I hate doing (speed work). I’ve considered keeping her ‘schedule’ and incorporating my own exercises, but I’m open to trying something different, too.

Life is just busy enough in the summer that I don’t feel like creating my own training plans!

1h10m@ the gym = 453 calories burned. Woot! (It’s that damn speed work. I hate it, but it’s effective.)

Headed home to walk the pup.

Dinner 7:30 p.m.

I was geekily excited for this dinner. I made chicken meatballs from How Sweet It Is – and we were having meatball subs and salad. And then hubs requested oven fries. Oookay….so carb-o-matic dinner, here we go!


It was deeeeeelicious! The chicken meatballs were amazing. I wasn’t so sure when I was mixing the ingredients, but man….fantastic! And I made them/cooked them off on Sunday, so all they needed was a re-heat tonight. The salad was fresh and locally amazing (there’s nothing like local produce) and featured a few of my own garden bounties – jalapenos and cucumber! And the oven fries were ‘fried’ deliciousness, made in my oven. LOL

Probably more heating pad and biofreeze for me this evening…and a little packing as well. We’re headed to see my family this weekend and attend a family reunion, so I’ve got to start getting things in order. It’s amazing how much stuff needs taken care of when you go away for the weekend!

Cool Links

What the average American consumes in a year

I’m doing a Good Earth giveaway on my food blog – check it out!

What makes you eat more?

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We need more bananas. Stat.

I’ve finally tried the ‘banana soft serve’ (yes, I am the last person on earth – thanks) and am addicted.


I also wiped out my entire frozen banana stash because hubs decided HE liked it too. LOL

I need more bananas! Stat!

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I’ve tried to be a good sport about this heat wave. I’m thankful to work indoors, and to have central air at my house, and working a/c in my car (which is more than a lot of people have, I know).

All that being said, though – Ive had enough. It’s too hot outside to live (although apparently my dog doesn’t understand that concept, and still wants to BE outside) and the gym is a sweltering 85 degrees every.damn.day.

Enough already!!!

/temper tantrum over 🙂

Citrucel on the way to work 7:45 a.m.

Breakfast 8:45 a.m.

‘Nother bowl (last bowl) of Total Raisin Bran with my last banana. It was tasty, but a little too sugary on the raisins for me. I do love my cereal though.I’ve tried to become a green monster or oatmeal convert…but I just love my cereal so much! 😦

Snack 10:45 a.m.

I pulled out a string cheese to munch on, and discovered the packaging was open. Sad. I threw it away. 😦

Lunch 12:15 p.m.

It looks a little weird, admittedly. It’s a whole (huge) sweet potato, cooked using Kath’s low and slow method, with a leftover lean beef burger from the weekend. The heat has kind of been draining my appetite, and that’s all that sounded good.


Snack 3:45 p.m.

A quickly devoured Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut granola bar and lots of water –  despite hydrating up for my workouts, Ive been having trouble with nausea afterwards from the heat. 😦

Exercise 4:45 p.m.

It’s way too hot to do this speed workout outside. It’s nearly too hot to do it inside. And I bet I looked like a maniac constantly switching around. Oh well 🙂

5m warmup (I’m using the elliptical instead of running, because I don’t run anymore. So I did all of the ‘running’ aspects on the elliptical at various speeds/resistances)

45s sprint

1m jog

30s burpees

30s tricep dips

1m jog

30s walking lunges with knee lift

30s tuck jump

1m jog

30s sprint

30s tricep dip

2m jog

45s sprint

45s jump squats

45s mountain climbers

2m jog or walk (easy)

1m sprint

30s tricep dip

30s pushups

30s burpees

5m jog (easy)

5 minutes on the treadmill to get my heart to stop leaping out of my chest…

And lots of stretching and wiping the sweat off everything – including me. By the time I got to pushups I almost fell flat on my face b/c my hands were slippery and I didn’t realize it. LOL

50 minutes at the gym = 393 calories burned

And  A LOT of water consumed!

I ended up slowing the circuits down (above) to account for the heat and humidity in the gym. It’s supposed to be a workout – not death!

Headed home and prepped all my schtuff (food, clothes, gym clothes)for tomorrow, then made dinner…

Dinner 7:30 p.m.

Old Bay seasoned mahi mahi filets, wild rice and garlic green beans


After dinner I took the pup for a walk (since she’s insane and loves this weather…I kept it short for MY sake, though!) and then came home and watered my garden….just enough to keep it from wilting in the mid-day heat!

The weathermen claim the heat wave is breaking tomorrow/Saturday…I hope so! 🙂

Finshing off the evening with a chocolate yogurt. Nom.


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